workshops and talks at Fil Guadalajara

FIL Guadalajara & IV FILustra 2o17

From Nov. 25-28 I was invited by Ediciones Ekaré and Rubén Padilla, who organises FILUSTRA, and was asked to create and impart two workshops. So I did:

  Crear Personajes en un Pim Pam Pum.
a one hour workshop for the general public to learn a quick way to create characters and also make them interact with each other. Most of the people doing the workshop were illustrators, so I added an extra exercise to make it more challenging.

Workshop : Cuentos Veloces 

a 6 hour workshop created with the chilean artist Cristóbal León. This workshop was for illustrators. They were given different tasks to create characters and a 10-12 page illustrated book to be used for future projects. 

talks at FILustra 

I am not a big fan of talking in front of an audience, so I was very brief when participating in the conversation about Abstraction in my books.  Moderated by Abril Castillo. Other illustrators that participatedAina Bestard , Mari Johnsen ,and Alejandra Acosta

I also gave another short talk about the process of illustrating La Apuesta, published by Ekaré.